Friday, April 17, 2009

Anna the conquerer

By K.J. Cardinal

Today wasn't the first time that Anna has gone up and down stairs by herself, she's actually been doing it at home for months now. But the reckless abandon that she showed conquering the playground today really made her old man proud.

Running across the footbridge and going up the stairs and down the slide countless times have become second nature to Anna.

The highlight of our trip to Wood Park today, other than having Angie, Scott and Jamie come and join us for lunch, was when Anna totally dominated a two and half year old boy.

The little guy, Dillon, was meandering up the stairs and standing at the top of the platform by the slides. His dad was actually up there with him (so soft) and trying to coax the kid to go down the slide.

He was wimpering and whining, all while Anna was making her way up the stairs by herself. She sat on the slide next to the kid and went right down it.

Dillon's dad tried counting for Anna to go down the slide, but by the time he got "one, tw" out of his mouth, Anna had already tossed herself down the slide. It was awesome.

I don't consider myself a competitive parent by any means, but that moment definitely made me a very proud papa.

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