Saturday, April 4, 2009

Relaxin at Steele Hill

By K.J. Cardinal

Steele Hill was a sight for sore eyes today, especially for Angie, as it represents a few days of rest and relaxation.

We checked in around 3 p.m. and after making what seemed like a million trips to and from the car, we got settled in around 4:30. Naturally, we immediately cracked a few bevs and then made our way to the pool.

I was definitely excited to see how Anna would react to the pool this year and she didn't disappoint. She LOVES it. She's so smiley and doesn't mind if she gets water on her face, in her mouth, in her eyes or pretty much anywhere.

Seriously, I pushed my luck a little by dunking her under and splashing with her and she seemed rather unfazed. It was great.

We took her into the kiddie pool and she liked to walk around in the 2-foot water, but it was pretty chilly compared to the big pool, which was too warm for my liking.

Anyway, I have been going to Steele Hill for 15+ years now and it was the first time that they made any changes to the pool area. It's definitely the big attraction up here, so I didn't know what to think when Angie told me they had installed a new slide, but I was glad to see that they replaced the old slide with an even bigger, cooler slide.

For those of you have been up here before, here's a look at the new slide. It's great. Kids can really get a full head of steam going down it now because of the bar at the top of the slide that they can hold onto to propel themselves down the slide. What I'd give to be 12-years-old again.

After the pool, we just came back to the room for dinner and to hang out, just the three of us before settling in to watch the Final Four.

We splurged a little and bought some nice shrimp at the market earlier today and it was a riot to see Anna give them a spin. She didn't really care for them that much, but at least she tried them and we all learned that she LOVES cocktail sauce.

It was pretty funny because she'd just dip her shrimp into Angie's cocktail sauce and lick the sauce off it... see...

Well, that's it for today. I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so glad you are having a nice relaxing few days at Steele Hill. I can't wait until friday so we can join you in relaxation and to watch Anna in the pool!! Love you guys, Love Mom