Friday, June 19, 2009

Anna counts!

By K.J. Cardinal

The point of this post is to share this adorable audio clip of Anna counting, but I just have to say that Angie is the best... and I am slowly turning her into a dork like me.

I have been super busy lately getting ready for this conference we are going to next week in San Antonio. So tonight Angie took Anna upstairs to give me some peace and quiet while I was downstairs getting work done. When they were upstairs, I got an email from Angie (via her iPhone) with the subject "My baby's smart!" and then attached was this audio clip.

Anna definitely is smart and absolutely adorable... she obviously gets both from her mom... the dork. :p

1 comment:

  1. Having just heard this audio clip, I've just shifted my over/under on "At what age Anna surpasses her Daddy in overall intellect". The line has moved from 8 years old down to 6.5 years.

    The safe bet, given KJ's Northeaestern education, is to take the "under".