Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anna's first basball game

By K.J. Cardinal

Last night we took Sammy to a Worcester Tornadoes game for her birthday and the occasion also marked Anna's first baseball game.

The forecast was calling for rain pretty much all night, but we decided to roll the dice and brave the elements. It ended up being a great decision because by the second inning the slight drizzle had subsided and it turned into a nice night.

I actually snapped this photo of a pretty cool sunset. I know it looks like a Rotman's ad, but it was still a neat scene.

Mike and the ready-to-pop Jamie (she's due June 12) joined us at the game last night and we had a blast.

I spent the first few innings following Anna around the park... all she wanted to do was walk around. But, I was able to persuade her to sit down for a while with a box of popcorn. She was great all night and thought the post-game fireworks were "cool".

At first, Sammy didn't seem to be that excited for our "surprise" for her. But, as the game played out she really had a good time. Minor league games are awesome and I definitely want to get out to a few more.

The tickets were on $6 and parking was $3, so it's definitely an affordable night out for the family. Beers were about $5/each, but that didn't stop me from having my fair share... had to prepare for today's pub crawl!

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