Monday, June 1, 2009

Anna goes to new heights

By K.J. Cardinal

After a weekend that featured much more work for me than I was expecting, I decided to take Monday off for the most part and make it all about Anna.

We got up in the morning and went to the Kelleher Field Park in Marlboro. I had driven by it before and it looked pretty legit, so we had to give it a shot.

Anna immediately wanted to go on her staple playground attraction, the swings, but then venture outside the box nad went to new heights, literally.

She got her first experience with a teeter-totter. Anna and another little girl offset each other nicely and really got a kick out of going up and down with one another.

After that, in somewhat of a shocking move, Anna was able to climb all the way up and then went down a HUGE slide. Seriously, the slide was more than double the size of the biggest slide that she had ever gone down before.

The feat of getting up the courage to go down the slide was impressive, but what made me more proud was the route she had to take to get up there. There were small steps, big steps and a little ladder. It was a good showing on her part.

The first time she went up, I followed closely behind her, thinking that she'd need my help, but Little Miss Independent never looked back and actually went down the slide before I could run around to the bottom to "catch her."

I guess all I'm good for these days is driving her to the park and changing her diaper. What the heck.

In unrelated news: I have added a search field and RSS feeds to the side of the blog. I know a lot of people swear by the RSS feeds and the search field is most likely only handy for me, but enjoy!

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