Friday, June 19, 2009

We're With The Band...

By Katie Cardinal

Hello All!

Sorry I never got a chance to finish the rest of my journey at the CMA Music Festival. It was so busy and I was so tired the last few nights, I never got a chance to do it. As soon as I have time I'll write some up and either put it on here or on my Keithaholic blog!

Anywho, back to more important things. Two days ago I got a call from Vicky saying that Craig Morgan and Blake Shelton would be playing at Meadowbrook, and that she had a code where I could get tickets for free...only having to pay the $8 handling charge per person. Having seen Craig Morgan in Nashville and ABSOLUTELY having him knock my socks off, I thought the concert would be a good idea....even though I didn't think I knew many of Blakes songs. So naturally, I called Sydney and we found some 22nd row tickets for the concert - FOR ONLY $16!!!

Last night we departed the Cardinal household around 6:10 to head straight to Meadowbrook. Thankfully it was kind of sprinkling when we left so we didn't hit a ton of motorcycle week traffic. Upon getting there, you KNOW that Sydney and I weren't going to sit in our 22nd row seats...I mean COME ON, that's so far away! We had looked online before going and knew that the venue hadn't really sold ANY tickets in Section A Row that was our goal. Without a problem we got some GREAT 12th row seats just before Craig Morgan hit the stage. BOY WAS HE FANTASTIC. As Sydney and I are going crazy, we realized that we're the ONLY TWO standing up and singing in the whole entire place...aka, we're awesome! At about his second or third song a security guard came over and tapped me on the shoulder. I definitely thought she was going to tell us to sit down, but instead she offered me TWO meet and greets with Blake Shelton!!! YIPPEE!!! We were a little sad that we wouldn't get to watch all of Craig's performance..but I mean COME ON, A MEET AND GREET?!?!?!

So we got in line for that and got to take a picture and get an autograph from Blake. He was a LOT nicer and funnier than I had expected, and I can definitely see why Miranda Lambert dates him :)

So we finished up with Blake and made it back to our 12th row seats in time to see like 4 or 5 more of Craig's songs - simply amazing! After that we got a little snack and some drinks and returned to our seats for the "Big Show." Little did we know that it was Blakes BIRTHDAY that night! Why the heck is he working on his birthday? Anywho...Blake came on and was really great! He was super funny and they had a birthday cake and everything for him on stage.

After the concert Sydney and I were walking out and I noticed a kinda creepy guy with a black hoodie on totally like staring at us. I actually said to Sydney, "This guy is creeping me out." After lurking behind us for a bit, he came up around in front of us and said, "I don't want to creep you ladies out, I just didn't know if you wanted to come out back in a few minutes to party with the band." After firing him with questions we said we had to go to the bathroom, then meet him over in the back. After about a 2 second conversation, we decided we were DEFINITELLY in! We were givin VIP passes and went out back. We talked for a quile to the MANAGER named Kevin, then were escorted into BLAKE"S BUS!!! No lie...we were WITH THE BAND!

Entering the bus we not only found Blake Shelton, but Craig Morgan as well! Sydney and I were SO excited inside, but definitely had to act cool. So yea, I threw back a few beers (yuck..I have a headache as we speak) with Craig Morgan and Blake Shelton...WHHHATT?!?!?! We then had a dance party with everyone in the was SOOOO much fun! I honestly cannot believe what luck we have some times!! We partied til about 1:30 in the morning, then decided we better leave so we'd be ready for school/work this morning. So crazy, so awesome,!

Oh, btw...I already had 34th row tickets to the CMA music festival for next year if anyone else wants to go!!!

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  1. Can I call you a groupie yet?!

    :P Vicky