Friday, February 5, 2010

28 months... going on 15

By K.J. Cardinal

Anna is officially 28-months-old today, but in this photo I snapped this afternoon, she looks like a teenager.

I mean seriously. Can't we just slow this growing up thing down just a little bit?

Figuring out her way around an iPhone is one thing, but when she asks to wear Sammy's hat and insists on donning a vest instead of a coat, I have to wonder how on earth do I slow down this process.

It really is unbelievable to me how fast Anna is growing up. We are in the midst of basketball season right now and I often find myself on the road for two or three nights in a row and every time I return, I feel as if Anna has changed in so many ways.

When you're living it day-to-day, you almost don't get to appreciate the little developmental subtleties as much that are occurring at an alarming rate.

I know it may seem like my way of convincing myself that this traveling stuff and working way too much is OK (and that may be part of it). But, I think that the old saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" applies to the growth and development of your child... obviously to a certain extent... I'm not condoning being a deadbeat dad or anything :)

Having spent just about every waking second with Anna for her first year, and now traveling quite a bit for work, I have seen both sides and I think that I appreciate and adore the little steps of progress that Anna's making on a daily basis more so now that I might only see her five out of seven days of the week.

This is probably my "glass half full" mentality, but it gets me through these busy times of work when I miss my girls so much.

Anna and I had a great day today, which included a site visit to Merrimack College for tomorrow's basketball doubleheader, a trip to the mall and a walk around the neighborhood. I'm away all weekend for work, but I'm already looking forward to "daddy duty" on Monday so I can see the newest things that Anna's picked up while I've been away.

Anna, let me soak these moments in when I can and stop growing up so fast, please.

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