Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nine months, never cuter

By K.J. Cardinal

The Banana turned nine months on Saturday and I swear she's just gotta be the cutest little girl I've ever seen.

I'm obviously biased, but one look at the photo above, an all-time favorite that was taken yesterday, and you'll probably agree with my assessment. You might look at the photo and originally think that I snapped the pic when she was blinking, but you'd be wrong. Actually, when Anna smiles as hard as she can, her chubby cheeks force her eyes to close. It's so priceless.

Also, as you can see, Anna has cut four teeth...two big ones on the bottom and two on the top. The cool part about her teeth coming in is that as more teeth come in the more foods she can eat. So, as early as this past weekend she was devouring peas, steak, noodles, chicken, carrots and different breads.

Anna's doctor was very pleased with her development at her nine-month check-up yesterday morning. Anna weighed in at 20 pounds, 3 ounces and is 28 1/4 inches tall. Both of those numbers put her in the 75th percentile for height and weight. She was also 80th percentile in head circumference (45 cm). I'm not exactly sure why they measure head circumference, but apparently it's significant on some level.

Anyway, it's amazing that Anna's already three quarters of a year old. It's definitely more of a task to watch her on a daily basis as she is now VERY mobile, but it's also VERY rewarding because I can really see her develop on a daily basis.

Whether it's writing HTML code to make a website or painting the walls in my house, my entire life I've enjoyed doing things where I can actually see progress being made. So, raising a child on a daily basis is really the ultimate progression.

I remember how excited I would get when Anna did little things like smile or roll over, but now she's actually doing things that are pretty significant (crawling, sitting up on her own, feeding herself), so it's really been taken to the next level.

Seeing Andrew develop over the past two weeks has me psyched for Anna to be two-years-old too because the milestones are even more significant...and soooo much fun. But, I'm definitely not in a rush for Anna to turn two, because I'm just enjoying witnessing all of the little things on a daily basis that are turning Anna into a big girl.

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