Friday, January 22, 2010

It's (gonna be) a boy!

By K.J. Cardinal

The wait is finally over. We had the ultrasound today to determine the sex of the baby and it's gonna be a boy!

We are psyched.

More importantly, everything looked healthy as can be from the ultrasound. He is measuring a day big, 10 ounces total, and is the size of a mango. The doctor said that he appears to have rather long arms and legs... probably not surprising to anyone.

Anyway, we couldn't be happier. Prior to having Anna, I was rather open and honest about wanting to have a boy. I even went as far as telling people that we'd have as many kids as it took until we got a boy... an idea which Angie never seemed too keen on for some reason :)

Needless to say, we had a baby girl and immediately my want and desire to have a boy went away. Anna was (and is) everything that I ever imagined a child could be... and much more.

So, when we found out Angie was pregnant this time, I wasn't hell bent on wanting a baby boy. And, sure enough that's what we're going to get. In just a few hours since finding out though, that want and desire to have a son has definitely returned. I really can't wait.

Excuse me while I go install a basketball hoop out front.


  1. Yippee, yippee, yippee Dad and I are so happy for you. I thnik Anna and Sammy will love having a brother. I know I did :) Love you all, Love Meme

  2. I love that Papa's Cardinal name will live on :) Love you guys!


  3. Love you guys so much! Andrew kept saying "I hope Aunt Angie is going to have a baby boy" so I am happy that he will get what he wants. Oh,a nd I'm happy for you too! Happy to have another boy in the cousin mix too! Love you! Tiffany :o)

  4. Wow !!!

    Another Cardinal to carry on the family name. Papa and Mema would be so proud - I'm sure they are smiling down.
    We love all of 5 of you.

    Auntie Carol & Uncle Bill