Monday, October 22, 2012

Feeling like a Patriot

By Angie Cardinal

This afternoon was a special treat for the kids and me...Anna and Leo's first trip to Gillette Stadium for a special "Healthy Kids Summit" event the YMCA put on. I had no idea we were in for so much fun when I registered a month ago. The pictures I took tell most of the story:

The kids were put on the red team, which won the nutrition and fitness trivia. Aunt Kate may have had something to do with Anna's knowledge of these topics.
Leo taking a break from a game of Tag to appease mommy's need to get a shot of him standing on the Pats logo on the 50 yrd line.

She loves to pose.

Patrick Chung, call me if you want to plan a play date in the off-season maybe. 

...and she's OUT.

To cap off the event, we had snacks in the Putnam Club, which is one of the swank lounges above the stadium seats with a gorgeous view of the field. I should inform you two of the volunteers approached us, separately, to let me know Patrick Chung pointed Leo out as his favorite kid. Did I post the above picture on his Facebook page? Yes. Yes I did.

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