Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Strong

By K.J. Cardinal

When I started The Cardinal Blog back in 2007, I did so for two reasons. First, to keep my mother updated with the latest happenings of her grand daughter and, secondly, to document the important events of my kids' lives through my eyes. What happened on Monday in Boston is without a doubt one of the most important events of Anna and Leo's lives, so I feel obligated to document it... not only was Boston attacked, but sports was attacked.

Those of you that know me well, know that only my family defines me more than Boston and sports.

Boston is a city that I lived in for nearly a decade and Angie affectionately refers to Boston as "Kim-City". Sure, I was raised in Farmington, but I really grew up in Boston. I became a man in Boston.

I went to Northeastern for five years (just a few blocks from the finish line), got my first real job in Boston, met my wife in Boston and later proposed to her on the Boston Common Bridge and started my business in Boston. I know Boston. I love Boston. And, Boston is truly ingrained in the person that I am today.

As much as Boston has been a part of me for the past 15 years, sports has been there my entire life. From rooting on the Tigers in The Den and watching the Celts with my dad as a kid to working in sports information for eight years and then owning my own business that is based on video production of sports, it's safe to say that I don't know someone that is more submersed in sports than I am. Not only is it my biggest hobby and passion, but also my career and what pays the bills for me and my family.

So, to think that both Boston and sports were attacked on Monday really cuts deeps for me.

Marathon Monday is without a doubt the greatest day of the year to be in the city of Boston. I have said this for years and I hope with all my heart that it continues to be that. I clearly feel this way because it combines two of the greatest things in the world – Boston and sports – and it's really unexplainable unless you have been in town to experience leaving a Sox victory and spilling out into Kenmore Square as runners of the world's greatest marathon pass by. A truly euphoric feeling that can't be duplicated.

My heart is full of sorrow for the families of the victims of this senseless tragedy because they were just trying to enjoy something that will forever be a rite of passage for my kids – Boston and sports.

All I know is that no one does this to Boston... no one does this to sports. The city of Boston and the world of sports will certainly rebound stronger than ever after the cowards that pulled off this senseless act are found and I can't wait for the day when Anna and Leo are old enough to stand by my side to experience Marathon Monday... and hopefully THAT will be one of the most important events of all of our lives.

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