Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not Your Typical Bike Ride

By Tiffany George
I don't know who is happier about the trike that Natalie got for Christmas, the recipient or her adorable older brother. Andrew zips around the house on this pink bike at alarming speed, but always manages to stop just before he hurts himself or someone else. Little Natalie can even reach the pedals now, and she can pedal around too. They have a blast taking turns on the bike and the plasma car that Santa brought Andrew for Christmas.

Their newest adventure is for Andrew to put the baby pack-n-play upside down over the trike handle, and for Natalie to hide inside of it. I am not sure where they got this crazy idea, but they both love circling around the house in this way. I do know that Pete did some crazy things to his sisters, such as trapping them inside two laundry baskets and tying them shut, so perhaps it runs in Andrew's blood!

1 comment:

  1. being the recipient of some of Pete's charades... I would have to say - like father like son!