Thursday, March 20, 2008

Andrew's Second Christmas

By Tiffany George

Andrew was much more involved in Christmas this year. We woke up at our house Christmas morning, had breakfast with Meme, Papa, Aunt Kate, and Matt, then dove into presents.

His play kitchen from Santa was an instant hit and Andrew would have been happy to receive only that. Other presents were opened at home, but we didn’t press the issue with such a big day ahead.

Andrew opened his other presents from us over the course of the next week. Of those, his apron to match mine was probably his favorite.

After presents at home, we went to the Lake House to see Grammy and Grandpa. Andrew was most into eating Grammy’s delicious Chex Mix and a small (albeit NOISY) matchbox car.

He did warm up to his new chair and his new horse, Butterscotch. For those who do not know the story, we had seen this horse at BJ’s and Andrew absolutely fell in love with it. He just stood there and hugged it and hugged it. We didn’t even know at this point that it turned on, moved, ate a carrot, etc. The price tag scared us away, but once Grammy heard the story and remembered what a doll Andrew was at the Rochester Fair Petting Zoo, she knew he had to have it. He enjoys combing and feeding it each day. Daddy taught him how to get onto the floor and roll onto his back beneath the horse so that he can now turn the horse off and on by himself. It is so cute!

He also had fun playing with Aunt Val and Aunt Suzanne, and of course soon-to-be Uncle Brian.

After a nap at the Lake in Daddy’s old crib, Andrew and crew made their way to Meme and Papa’s house for even more presents. Andrew probably had his most fun here, for Sammy AND Papa were there to play, and cousin Anna was there to admire.

Uncle KJ and Aunt Angie ordered Andrew a tractor that exactly matches Papa’s and that has remained one of his favorite gifts. Andrew has a big tractor and a little tractor and he must play with both of them at the same time. If he finds the big one, he'll run around saying "yiddle, yiddle" until we find the small one. His friends love his tractors too! So far Mommy has taken the glue gun to the tractors no less than 4 times for minor and major repairs!

His zebra tent and associated camping gear from Meme and Papa were also a hit.

Papa also bought Andrew his own mini guitar. As you know from the Lassie video, Andrew loves when Papa plays his guitar. Andrew now likes to put his guitar strap around his head to “play” his guitar just like Papa. And you better believe that he needs a pick to play, even though his little guitar is stringless! And since yellow is his favorite color, he needs to use a yellow pick. Andrew picked out some picks for Papa's birthday back on January 30th and he was sure to include some yellow picks in the mix so that Papa always has an extra one for him. Andrew used to be scared to touch a real guitar, but lately he loves to take the pick from Pete's guitar and strum away while Daddy holds on to the strings. If Papa plays the guitar, then that is the coolest thing Andrew could ever do!

Meme and Papa had also ordered a table and chair set for Andrew, which we got after Christmas. Andrew thinks he is so cool sitting at his own table, in his own chair. He loves to sit in one chair and eat for a bit, then he gets up, moves everything to the other side of the table, and sits in the other chair. It is adorable. One of Andrew’s favorite new words is “cool” and he likes to tell me that his table and chairs are “cool".

We think he's cool!


  1. Thanks Tiff for adding to the blog.Even though these pictures are cute, the most adorable is seeing Andrew in person. He has an absolutely precious personality. He is so loving, smart and funny.It was such a wonderful Christmas with all of our wonderful grandchildren. Thank God for Sammy and her loving, caring ways with Andrew and Anna. We are truly blessed. Love Mom

  2. Hey Andrew! We love hearing about how much you still love all your Christmas gifts. You are wicked cool!!!
    We love you!
    Aunt Angie, Sammy & Anna