Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taking back the tourney

By K.J. Cardinal

I feel like I'm on that Staples commercial when the father is shopping for back-to-school supplies for his kids, while "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is playing in the background. Except, the kids aren't going back to school...instead, I'm taking back the NCAA tourney.

After spending four years at America East and four years as an SID at Northeastern, this is really the first time since the 1999 NCAA Tournament that I will truly be able to get back to the reason why I got into the business that I am in now and was in for eight years and that reason is my love for college basketball.

There really isn't a better sport in the world than college basketball and the labors of the season all culminate beginning today with the first round of tourney play. Having worked in college athletics for the past eight years, I have several ties to coaches, players, etc. that are playing in the NCAA tourney, so it's even more wonderful for me now.

My favorite sporting day of the year is Patriots' Day because of the Boston Marathon, the Sox game and the general drunken debauchery that takes place, but from today (Thursday) through Sunday, there isn't a better four-day stretch in all of sports.

I have invited a few people over for the games today and tomorrow and I plan on doing blog updates throughout the tourney. I know it's kind of Sports Guy-ish, so I'll give him credit for the idea, but it should still be interesting...he never has the guys over to watch the NCAA tourney AND a five-month old baby girl to watch...could get interesting.

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