Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter for Andrew

By Tiffany George

Andrew decorated Easter eggs for the first time this Easter. We let him do everything, from putting the eggs in the cups, to stirring them up, to removing the eggs from the cups to give to Mommy. He was so cute because he would kiss each egg before he put it into the dyed water.

He loved to use the bubble-wand-looking-thing to stir the eggs up and did a great job of removing the eggs from the cups. He did get Incredible Hulk hand and several drops of dye on his face and forehead, but Daddy scrubbed it right off in the tubby. He was happy to be able to put Pooh stickers on them the next day for the finishing touches. He even helped to wash the dishes afterwards!!! What a helper boy.

On Easter morning we got up and Andrew found his Easter basket sitting at his table and chairs. He liked opening the presents in between bites of breakfast. His favorite gift was this “ready, set, go” car launcher that ejects like a switchblade. After the basket we went around the house to find the 12 Easter eggs that were hidden. He loves to look for things, but thinking to search inside something else is really beyond him at this point. Mommy and Daddy had to give some powerful suggestions! He was psyched because the Easter bunny had put yogurt raisins (Andrew's favorite) and Goldfish starfish into the eggs that were hidden. Mommy and Daddy had so much fun watching Andrew and speculating about his excitement next year.

This year we went to Grammy & Grampa’s for Easter. Andrew was dressed in a striped button-down shirt to match Daddy.

The highlight of Easter was decorating these cupcakes that Mommy had brought. She put frosting on an egg cupcake and put it on Andrew's plate. He couldn’t resist, he had to just dig right in. At first he didn’t want to get the frosting goo on his hands so he just sat there with the cupcake hanging from his mouth until his saliva made its way through the delicious treat. After the initial dose of sugar he had tons of fun dumping the sprinkles from the Dixie cups onto the cupcake over and over again.

He also got to participate in the George family Easter tradition of using a hard boiled egg to “bang” against your opponent to try to break the end of their egg. Andrew had great fun doing this, though Mommy wasn’t too sure if teaching him to crack eggs was such a brilliant idea!!!


  1. Thanks for your entry on Andrew. He is so absolutely adorable. I love the picture of him eating the frosted egg. The picture of Andrew and Pete is precious. What a wonderful family I have!!!!Love Mom

  2. I also love the picture of Andrew eating the frosted egg!! The look on his face was pure delight especially with all the love juice soaking in!!!
    It was so nice having my family here for Easter!! We DO have wonderful family, don't we!!!