Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anna named in Conseco's book, video confirms claim

By K.J. Cardinal

Unfortunately the secret is out and we have Jose Canseco to thank. Anna has been linked to performance-enhancing drugs in Canseco's new book "Vindicated," which hits stores Friday.

I was a little skeptical of the legitimacy of claims made by the 1988 MLB MVP, but video evidence has surfaced that backs his words that Anna used steroids within the last two months.

In the video below, which makes its world debut here on, you can see Anna's "roid rage" gets the best of her as she attempts to destroy the mobile attached to her swing.

When contacted late Thursday night, Anna and her representatives had no comment.


  1. You are too cute. I can't believe how big Anna is getting. I can't wait to see her again, hopefully on sunday. Love Mom

  2. If the reports are true, then it's quite unfortunate to know that Anna's chubby cheeks and occasional bouts of sleep and food-deprived rage are due to the roids.

    I've always wondered why 6-month-old Anna is bigger than my 3-year-old twins.

    The good news is that she'll now be able to hit for power as well as average.

  3. Good call Steve. With yesterday's discovery, I am now tying Anna's right hand behind her back, forcing her to use only her left hand. She's the next Big Papi in the making.