Monday, March 24, 2008

Anna goes to Boston

By K.J. Cardinal

Anna is officially a city girl. On Saturday, she experienced her first real day out in the big city. Sure, Anna's gone into Boston with us for basketball games at Northeastern and BU, but never really out and about.

Angie's friends Jamie and Jenn were celebrating their 30th birthdays on Saturday night, so Anna and I decided to tag along to the surprise party.

The day started off by picking up Aunt Missy in Natick and then heading into the city. Angie and Missy got a hotel room at the Hyatt, so the four of us went there to check-in and catch some of the NCAA tourney action. Anna really took advantage of the nice bed with all the pillows (pictured right).

When it was time for the party, we bundled Anna up in her stroller and walked to DJ's at The Garden, a new pub on Friend Street right near the FleetCenter...actually where Hooters used to be.

Anna loved the sights of the city and didn't seem to be bothered that it was kind of chilly. Once we got to DJ's, Anna was in her glory. They probably have 15-20 HDTVs all over the place, so pretty much no matter where she looked she was able to see a TV.

There were about 25 people or so that showed up for the party and the place was a little on the loud side, but Anna appeared to be unphased. She was her happy, smiley self. She was able to eat just fine and even fell asleep in her stroller.

When it was her bedtime, Anna and I headed back to Hudson, leaving Ang to really enjoy a night out with her friends.

On the walk back to the car, Anna was all bundled up again, with covers pulled over her head in the stroller. At one point, I stopped just to check on her to make sure she was OK and I pulled the covers down to see a smiling baby...she seemed to enjoy the walk in the stroller on the brick and cobblestone streets and sidewalks of Boston.

It was the first of many trips into Boston for Anna, so we were so glad that everything went so well and Anna appeared to really enjoy herself.

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