Friday, March 21, 2008

Running Tourney Blog: Day 2

By K.J. Cardinal

12:04 pm: We survived day one of the NCAA tourney and the running blog is back for day two. Scott is currently here along with Sammy and Anna. We should have quite a few more people stopping by today than yesterday, so the blog should have a little more material than Fusta singing Pat Benatar.

12:24 pm: Cassani and Glenn just showed up...Glenn brought a 12-pack of Coke...what a wimp.

12:38 pm: Marissa just showed up too.

2:04 pm: Just finished lunch. Drake needs to get their act together. Miami, Tennessee and Gonzaga are in OK shape. Davidson is going to fade away (I hope).

3:12 pm: WOW! Western Kentucky three ball to win it. A great session of games. I had Drake winning, but I'll take a buzzer-beater over a bracket pick anyway...unless it would happen to involve my Huskies.

In unrelated news, Glenn just dropped the bomb on me that him and Kendra are engaged! What a great series of events.

3:18 pm: Oh yeah, Glenn wanted me to make public that he is now drinking beer...he took his skirt off.

3:24 pm: This youtube video has to be blogged. Apparently this kid used to work with Cassani. Two things to take note of...the couple in the corner making out and the kids superb form during the cannonball.

3:58 pm: America East Champion UMBC gave Georgetown a run early, but the Hoyas are flexing their Big East muscles. With a guy like Jay Greene in the backcourt (arguably the whitest guy in the tourney), it's a miracle that they even gave G'town a run early.

I have UConn winning, but I would love to see them lose. Glad to see Texas is throttling Austin Peay, since I have the Longhorns winning Bracket #2.

6:24 pm: The live tourney blog has officially if you couldn't tell. Mike Cook just showed up and we're in the midst of a Guitar Hero tourney, so things are out of hand. I blame my lack of posts on Glenn though...well him and the Bud Lights.

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  1. Hello it's been over 45 minutes since we've heard from your tourney blog going ons...By the way adorable Photo of the week!!!
    Meme misses her:(