Monday, October 15, 2007

Anna goes to New Hampshire

By K.J. Cardinal

One-week old Anna made her first trip to the Granite State with "Mom & Dad" on Friday. Unfortunately I had to work Friday afternoon/night and all day Saturday at UNH, but Anna and Angie were still able to see some of our favorite people while we were in New Hampshire for just over 24 hours.

Our first stop in N.H. was at the Rochester Manor so Anna could visit her Great Grampa and Great Grammy Arlene. Despite having a broken hip, Grampa was doing extremely well and was so happy that we decided to surprise them with a visit. Unfortunately we couldn't stay and visit too long since I had to work, but nonetheless it was great to see Grampa and for him and Arlene to see their newest great grandchild...Anna's lucky number 13 for them in that regard.

Anna's next and final stop was my parents' house in Farmington. When we arrived, my parents ("Meme" and "Papa") were there along with Aunt Kate, Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Pete and Andrew. As expected, Andrew was such a sweetheart with Anna and the only thing he loved more than giving "baby Anna" a kiss was seeing everyone's reaction to how adorable he is. I posted a small clip of Andrew kissing Anna that's definitely worth taking a few looks at.

Ever since Angie was pregnant, Tiffany had a great idea of getting Andrew a small baby doll (AKA "baby Anna"). She would have Andrew be gentle with "baby Anna" and give her kisses and whatnot. Her "training" worked to perfection as Andrew is so sweet, gentle and cute with her. It's really so cool...that video can't really do it justice.

Anyway, on Saturday, I had to go to work at UNH again, but Anna was lucky enough to have all kinds of visitors. Vicky, Auntie Carol, Auntie Sheila, Auntie Donna and Sophie, Gail (The Cardinal Blogs most active visitor) and Uncle Matt all stopped by on Saturday to meet the latest addition to the Cardinal family.

Angie and I were very happy that Anna traveled well as we always seem to be the family that is on the's what you have to do when both of your families live over an hour away. Anyway, for those of you who missed Anna, I'm sure we'll be back up to N.H. soon and Angie is hoping to take Anna out to Ludlow on Sunday.


  1. Hi Guess who!!
    I am so glad that I got to meet
    sweet beautiful Anna this weekend! She is so precious!
    Also, watching Andrew in person bestowing his precious kisses on the real baby Anna is just priceless!!
    Love the new video including the little baby noises!! Thank you for letting us share in this awesome miracle!

  2. Cardinal family,

    So, I'm gonna give Gail a run for her money because along with my hotmail, the obituaries, and espn radio website this is my new daily pleasure!!!

    Andrew was too cute with Anna. Its good training for when he is around his new brother/sister all the time!

  3. I was happy to be a baby hog for the two hours I visited. I would have liked to visit with Angie, but I know she needed the nap!

  4. Thanks so much KJ. Angie and Anna for traveling to N.H. for the visit. It was so wonderful to see our new grandchild as well as all the visitors who stopped by to see our newest addition to our family. We are so blessed:). I truly agree with how "precious" Andrew was with Anna. It doesn't surprise me at all considering how well Tiffany, KJ and Katie have always loved and respected each other. I wish I could have figured out what we did to make you all LOVE each other so much because I would write a book about it so everyone could experience what a great life we've had !!!!
    Love Mom/Meme