Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anna turns two months, lives the life

By K.J. Cardinal

I'm sure that for every month for the rest of Anna's life I could start off these "birthday" posts with "wow, I can't believe Anna turned [fill in the blank]" and that would always describe how I'm feeling at the time. The time really flies when you're watching a child grow up in front of your very eyes.

Through the first 62 days of her life, Anna has changed a lot in many ways and has stayed the same in many ways. She is getting bigger, eating more, sleeping more and getting more active. But, she still loves her "tubby time", doesn't like wearing hats and gets mesmerized by the television. She's predictable at times and unpredictable at times...which is probably expected since she's a Portuguese woman in the making :)

Anna's really living it up though lately as she's been quite a "world" traveler. In the past month she's seen her first snow, been to her first sporting event, experienced her first Thanksgiving and been out to lunch/dinner at Legal Seafood, Ruby Tuesdays, Fugakyu, Texas Roadhouse, California Pizza Kitchen, the mall food court and Conrad's...regardless of where we eat, her Enfamil always tastes the same though?!

So as you can see, we've done our best to work ourselves into Anna's life and her into our lives...and we don't want it any other way. In the next month she'll experience her first Christmas and all the craziness that accompanies it...stay tuned, it should be great.

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  1. What an absolute wonderful life I have! It is and always will be the most rewarding thing in my life getting to see my children raise their children.I heard people say you need to have your grandchildren first and I agree to that to a point. I think that because Tiffany & Pete and KJ and Angie are doing such an excellent job raising our grandchildren, we are truly getting to ENJOY our grandchildren. I have had a super great week getting to spend time with both Andrew and Anna. I have said that pictures don't do Anna justice, not that the pictures aren't cute but her personality is super cute and I think that in this lastest video you can see what I mean because it shows her personality. Also I would like to say how AWESOME Sammy is. She is the BEST. I have never seen such a wonderful sister.She is just a natural with Anna. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and I love her very much. Thanks so much everyone for making my life the GREATEST! Love Mom