Sunday, December 16, 2007

Suds, Snow, and the Soiree

By K.J. Cardinal

Despite the second snow storm of the week, the 2nd Annual Hudson Holiday Soiree was still held on Saturday and boy was it a joyous event. The number of guests in attendance was reduced greatly by the storm, but that meant more food and booze for the rest of us, which was great.

I won't give you all a complete recap of the whole evening because as the night progressed I progressively made more and more of an ass out of myself (see photos below). Seriously. I'm not sure if it was bad in a good way or good in a bad way. Either way though it was a memorable night by all and we were psyched that a good number of our closest friends still bared the elements for us.

It was Anna's first real party at home and obviously her first Soiree too and she appeared to love it, which is great because Ang and I love to entertain. Angie does the cooking and I do the drinking...really a great situation for all.

Thanks so much for all of you that made it out, you made the Soiree a huge success again.

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