Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anna experiences cereal

By K.J. Cardinal

Anna made one small step for man this morning as she had her first bowl of cereal. She did great and seemed to rather enjoy it as well.

I feel the need to explain this whole "cereal" phenomenon to you because I really had no clue what this meant. The "cereal" comes in a box and is a powder. You make formula, like we normally feed her, and then add that to the cereal. There's no exact recipe when mixing the formula and cereal, but at the beginning you make it watery and then the consistency should get thicker and thicker as she gets more used to eating "solid" foods.

At first, she's only supposed to eat a tablespoon of cereal once a day and it replaces one bottle. So, as you can see, this is a small step in the eating process, but a step nonetheless.

I know that if we were parenting by the book that she shouldn't be eating cereal until the fourth month, but we just felt like she was ready. Her bottles just don't seem to do the trick all of the time like they used to. Plus, parenting by the book just isn't something that we're in to.


  1. LOVE the photo of the week!! How precious! Don't worry about not going by the book as it changes so frequently that you can't keep up! Did you think you were going to give her Cheerios!!?? Good Luck!

  2. Hey Gail. Glad to see you're still checking in on the blog while you're down in Florida...I was worried. What, Cheerios aren't for babies???