Monday, January 7, 2008

The Cardinal Vault IV: Dancing Queens

By K.J. Cardinal

OK, so this is why I really wanted to start The Cardinal embarrass family members :) The first three entries into The Cardinal Vault were meaningful, nice, cute photos but this one is a first ballot entry into the Hall of Shame.

Back in the 80s my mom went to Nancy Kelly Bretton dance school and this is a photo from their big recital. My mom is the third from the left in the back row...and, if you look carefully my Aunt Donna (Denton) O'Brien is all the way to right in the back row.

Unfortunately this is the only photo that I have of the dancing careers of my mom and Auntie Donna, but another Cardinal will soon be featured in a dancing outfit of her own. So, be sure to check back frequently for the latest additions.


  1. Very cute.... Love you Mom

  2. Wow this is a side of Darlene and Donna that I didn't know existed!!
    Very interesting!! Is there secret pole dancing that we don't know about??? LOL
    Keep 'em coming KJ!!