Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cardinal Vault IX: Brokeback K.J.

By K.J. Cardinal

With no posts in a full week, I know you all probably thought that The Cardinal Blog fell victim to the on-going Writers Guild of America strike, but this is not the case.

Actually, despite the recent writer's strike, I crossed the picket line for the ninth installment of The Cardinal Vault which features an adaptation of the screenplay Brokeback Mountain. I dub this photo "Brokeback K.J."

I don't feel like a lot of commentary is necessary for this post. But, I will say that if Tom Brady can go "Brokeback" (see the Stetson ad pictured to the right) that it must be OK for me to reveal this photo from my childhood. Maybe now I'll embark on an undefeated season of my own or something...who knows.

Also, earlier this winter I had a friendly wager with my friend Scott on our fantasy basketball match-up. The winner got to pose the loser in an embarrassing photo. For whatever reason, Scott never came to collect his reward, so here you go Scott...this one's for you.

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  1. I love Tom Brady!!!!

    miss you guys- Mis