Friday, January 25, 2008

The Cardinal Vault X: Cheeeeese!

By K.J. Cardinal

The 10th entry into The Cardinal Vault bring us back to November of 1982. The only thing that I can possibly think of to explain this picture - other than the fact that I ate a lot of paint chips as a child - is that I was in the middle of saying "Cheeeeese!" when someone snapped this picture.

Never mind my unintentional destruction of what would have been a great photo of Mema and Papa's grandchildren. I am pictured here with my cousins (from left-to-right) Vicky, Billy and Missy and my sister Tiffany. I am not sure if this was a special occasion or anything, but we are at my Aunt Carol & Uncle Bill's house in Strafford, N.H.

Other news regarding The Cardinal Vault...
In the not-so-distant future, the first vintage video will be submitted to The Cardinal Vault. Last weekend when I was up in Farmington, I went through a few old VHS tapes (god, I hate VCRs) and found a few gems. I was planning on posting a video this week, but when I got our VCR out of the basement and hooked it up to convert the video, the VCR decided to eat a tape (again, I hate VCRs). So, once I can get my hands on a functioning VCR I will be sure to get a video or two up into the Vault.


  1. We were all quite adorable in my opinion. Maybe instead of "Cheese" you were just whining? You were probably ticked that you weren't riding the 3-wheeler with Bill and were having your picture taken instead.
    Can't wait for a video! Should be interesting to say the least.

  2. Three-wheeler...that could be a little foreshadowing of a future entry into The Cardinal Vault...

  3. Can I just say how ADORABLE Anna and Andrew are in that video? My mom sent me an email to make sure I had viewed it and it quite simply the CUTEST. Miss you all!